Friday, December 27, 2013

About these files

Censored is ripped from the original 50s LP, so it's a bit noisier than the others, which were ripped from the Laff reissues. I saved them out as Wavs and then burned discs. All of the files that you can DL here are 320k mp3 versions of those discs with tags made in iTunes.

There is LP noise on all of these, but it doesn't take away too much from the listening experience. Hey, it's a bunch of giggly dirty jokes, don't expect the sound to be too clean.

Also, if you DL the files, say something. I really want to know if there are other fans out there.

And if you have any information on Billy or anyone else in the group, let me know.

billydevroe at gmail dot com


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  2. If the option to download it from a different boot loader?

  3. Nope, all I have is an Uploaded account.