Monday, November 4, 2013

I really don't have to do this for a living, except that I'm too nervous to steal.

A couple 100 years ago I heard two of these LPs. They were silly, considered dirty for their time, but awfully tame now. I can't find very much of anything about Billy and the Devilaires, but I keep looking.

I've been buying up the LPs as I can find them and have now ripped them and posted them online. There seem to be 3 LPs in two versions and at least two singles, taken from one of the LPs. As I have grouped them below, there are the original Tampa Records releases and the Laff Records reissues. Each of the Laff Records reissues have two covers.

Censored - Tampa 31 - 1957
She Gives Trade Stamps - Laff A118 - A5016N (Nude Cover)

An Assortment of Party Naughties Vol II - Tampa 39 - 1961
Sex Machine - Laff A110 - A5017N (Nude Cover)

Broad Minded - Tampa 41
Trip Around The World - Laff A119 - A5018N (Nude Cover)

According to Party Naughties the group is;
Billy Devroe
Don Duffy
Sammy Wilson - Piano

Don seems to have left the group by the time Broad Minded came around.
Ho Ho / Queer Policeman
Half Fast Waltz /  Jericho
Will You Love Me / The Love Of Bridey Murphy (this may be the other band)

There seems to be a rockabilly band with the same name, which strikes me as odd, but I have not been able to find if there is a connection.

Also, there seems to be a lot of differing opinions as to when LPs were released. I'll update the list as I get more of the LPs